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25% скидка на NEi Fusion от NEi Software

22 Июля 2010 года

NEi Fusion represents a new approach to engineering analysis and simulation software. NEi Fusion joins two powerful technologies -- SolidWorks 3D feature-based, parametric CAD for model creation, and high accuracy, industry-proven, Nastran solvers for solution generation. This combination provides a modeling environment that:

  • gives professional level results acceptable to the community of Nastran analysts as well as your customers, vendors, and design partners
  • has a comprehensive element library, sophisticated meshing capabilities, and extensive material library insure you get real world fidelity and professional level simulation
  • includes a post-processer that provides a wide variety of images, graphs and data with which to view your simulation results, while also being equipped with wide file sharing and import/export capabilities

Отзывы от программной системе NEi Fusion

"NEi Fusion... is a CAD-enabled simulation workhorse with a legacy stretching back to the toughest automotive and aerospace analysts in the market..."
- Desktop Engineering

"NEi Fusion is an impressive product... a system that gives users the tools they need, on their terms, in an easy-to-use environment."
- Develop3D

"If you struggle with the limitations of complex interfaces or limited capabilities, give NEi Fusion a hard look."
- DesignWorld

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